Ludo Classic


The traditional game of Ludo (aka Pachisi), now on your iPhone/IPad, as a universal app, so you can enjoy the same app on both iPhone/iPod and iPad. You have the option to play with up to four players:

  • In the same device against artificial intelligence or others humans

  • In a local wifi/bluetooth network

  • Online via gamecenter by inviting your friends or random players (auto-match)

    Throw the dice to get the best moves.
    Build your best strategy
    Try to advance in the game without being caught by yours opponents
    Try to capture your opponents pieces
    To win you must be the first to walk around the board with your pieces and arrive at the center with all the pieces.

    A very addictive game in wich wins the player with the best strategy, and of course a little bit of luck to throw the dice.

    The app Ludo Classic cost only U$1,99 and is compatible with iOS 3.2 or later. You can grab it here.

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